Hair Care

Hair Care

Deep Condtionig

Bi-weekly deep conditioning treatment help preserves the hair in many ways
Apply deep conditioner and leave in for at least 30 minutes then rinse in lukewarm water.


IMPORTANT: Make sure hair is COMPLETELY dry before installing, Blow drying your hair is not recommended, But if you must, Make sure you use low heat.


Heat can be applied while styling but just like your own hair it can cause damage, heat protectants must be used. We recommend rods or curlers for styling.


Do not message roughly while washing. Gently work the product from the top bottom running hands in a downward motion
Detangle hair ONLY when the hair is wet using a wide tooth comb or a paddle brush


Use a Sulfate free and alcohol free Shampoo and Conditioner before installing for the first time.


use a leave in conditioner or serum to help keep moisture locked in. Do not apply too much product. For Curly styles mist with water before applying any curl enhancing product.